I'm sure you heard...there is a movie out about Barbie.  If you haven't heard, seriously, where have you been because the marketing crew for this movie have gone all out!  Everyone in Minnesota is talking about how awesome this movie is.  The Mall of America even had an exclusive exhibit with some of the costumes from this huge hit at the theater.

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Photo by Sandra Gabriel on Unsplash
Photo by Sandra Gabriel on Unsplash

The Clothes and Accessories a Minnesota Barbie Should Include

I haven't seen the Barbie movie yet but, I had a massive dollhouse thanks to my dad who was a carpenter.  Now, my dad never built anything little.  You know what the Barbie Dreamhouse was like.  Well, my dollhouse was made out of plywood and was about 3x bigger.  And I remember pulling out my suitcase full of Barbie clothes and playing for hours.

I think it would be a ton of fun if the makers of Barbie could revamp things a bit and create a Barbie for each state.  I know they have done different professions but a Minnesota Barbie would be a pretty unique doll that I think kids and adults would love.

To help out the designers, I asked around to find out what would be the ideal outfit as well as accessories and I think we came up with a pretty great list!

What A Minnesota Barbie Should Wear And Have for Accessories

I'm sure you heard that Barbie is now a huge movie star and people are loving the movie that came out in mid-July. I remember when I got my first Barbie, she came with all sorts of awesome accessories like high heels, a scarf, and even a fun necklace. Those were the best!!!

If there was a Barbie for Minnesota, what accessories or outfits do you think she should come with? I asked that question earlier and got a little bit of insight from AI as well and here are the top items that were suggested. #ThereAreSomeGreatOnesOnTheList

What's missing on the list for the Dream Minnesota Barbie?

Do you have any other ideas for what a Minnesota Barbie should include?  I almost threw in a Yeti cooler but I don't even have one of those so I left it out.  If you've got something to add, feel free to add a comment at the link below or send me a DM on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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