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Devour the Best Mac and Cheese at These Top Spots in Rochester, Minnesota

I'm always on the hunt to see who has the best of the best in Rochester.  We've taken polls on burgers, french fries, fish fries,  coffee, and now I was on the to see what restaurant in town has the best macaroni and cheese.  Let me just say, I learned that there is a whole new level of passion that people have when it comes to mac & cheese.  People love their cheese-covered carbs.

List of Restaurants in Rochester with the Best Macaroni and Cheese

You thought that people in Rochester were passionate about burgers and coffee! Well, move aside burgers because people are very picky and particular about their mac and cheese and there are a few favorite spots in Rochester for some cheese-covered noodles.

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The list was quite large...way larger than I thought we'd get for a bunch of cheesy noodles but I love it when you show up.  Keep doing that!  And if you've got an idea for a "Best of" question or even know of a new place coming to town, I'd love to hear about it.  Send me a message over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio - or find me on Instagram.

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What are some of the other amazing favorites in Rochester, Minnesota? 

If you love burgers, there is a whole list of mouth-watering burgers that you must take a bite into at some point.  Some have toppings that you'd never dream of putting together and others seem like a normal burger.  Their taste though obviously has set them above the rest.  Keep scrolling and you'll see the tastiest list.

11 Best Places to Get a Mouth-Watering Burger in Rochester

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