I know Facebook isn't the spot where I should be getting my news but, yesterday I started seeing a bunch of warnings from police departments in Illinois.  I started freaking out a bit because we've got family there.

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Multiple Illinois Police Departments Issuing Warning About Highly Addictive Substance That Will Soon Be Circulating In The Area

FYI - the warnings I've noticed have mostly been for Illinois.  However, according to my sources, the "addictive substances" are showing up here as well.  In fact, I was told that they will be at Little Thistle and LTS Brewing in Rochester, Minnesota on February 16th.

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Rumor is that many individuals have a hard time saying "no" to this substance.  And one of the biggest issues is that the cost is less than $10.  What's interesting is that the warning below from the Pittsfield, Illinois Police Department is very similar to the issue other departments are seeing right now.

*****Community Alert, Please Be Aware******


Chief Michael Starman and the Pittsfield Police Department have received many reports that some highly addictive substances will soon be circulating in our area. These substances go by their street names like "Thin Mints," "Caramel deLites," "Peanut Butter Patties," and "Adventurefuls."


Upon gaining this information, officers took to the streets this past weekend in “Operation Cookie Catcher”. Officers were able to locate and detain several girls who appeared to have large amounts of aforementioned cookies in their possession. The girls were questioned by Officer Sledge and later released after surrendering the cookies to the officers!

Officer Sledge stated “This was a serious situation of cookie crazies!”


Officers want to warn the public of the following:

- These substances are distributed by strong, smart, fearless young ladies who will lure you in with their kindness.

- They will have a “do good” story and then "Bam" in the blink of an eye, they have you hooked.

- Many people start with just one box, but one turns into two, two turns into five, and the next thing you know, you're hiding your stash from your spouse and kids in the back of the freezer!!


Chief Starman would like to strongly suggest the following action be taken if cookies are presented and purchased by you.


Our Police Department is here for this community. We are setting up a drop-off location for these so called "Girl Scout Cookies" at the Police Department so our brave and selfless officers and city hall staff can dispose of them safely.

Your safety is of the upmost importance to us!

We want only what’s best for the community!!

Please be aware!


Have a great week everyone and stay warm and safe.

- Pittsfield, Illinois Police Department Facebook Page


Cute, right?!

Way back in the day, I too was a Girl Scout and will confess right now that I am guilty of distributing and selling this addictive substance.


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