The Minnesota Department of Transportation knows that life is busy and sometimes, we could use a helping hand. Since they haven't had any snow to remove or roads to throw salt and sand on lately, the crew has had some extra time and decided to get into the card-making business, just in time for Valentine's Day!

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Minnesota Department of Transportation Getting Creative With New Side Gig

You know how you stand in that card aisle at Hallmark or Target and just look, one by one, for the perfect card?  It is a tedious task and one that quite a few of us just don't have time for.  And if you are a parent of little kids, going to the store can be a nightmare.  I know.  I've got three kids.  One of those kids threw a temper tantrum in aisle 3 at Target for about 45 minutes.  (So sorry to all of the shoppers that day but If I had given in to my most stubborn kid at that moment, we would have had to do this all over again during our next shopping trip.)

To help ease the pain of finding that perfect card, a well-known name in Minnesota has gotten creative with a new side gig.  I don't know if they've gone all in on Cricut machines yet for their card-making gig, but they are doing a great job with a few digital cards so far.

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Check Out The Free Valentine's Day Cards That the Minnesota Department of Transportation Made For You

If you are still in need of a card for Valentine's Day, or you want to get a jump on next year, check out the cards that the Minnesota Department of Transportation made for you.

Still looking for Valentine's Day cards?  Look no further!

- Minnesota Department of Transportation Facebook Page


Personally, I love the backgrounds, love the fonts, and the hearts are all in the perfect spots!  Nice job, Minnesota Department of Transportation!  Can't wait to see what your creative team comes up with for St. Patrick's Day!

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