I've got a bit of good news for all of the brides that ordered dresses through Mestad's...it sounds like you might actually get those.

Bridal Shop Opening in Old Mestad's Bridal and Formal Wear Location in Rochester

On February 1st, I was panicking for all of the brides in Southeast Minnesota because it was announced that day that Mestad's Bridal and Formal Wear filed for bankruptcy.  Doors were closed and a note with an attorney's phone number to contact was listed.

Jessica Williams/TSM
Jessica Williams/TSM

What happened next for brides was what I call chaos.  Some brides received info about next steps, others didn't, many were curious why this company was at the bridal show the weekend prior, the phone number that was first posted was no longer the right person...it was a stressful situation for anyone that was trying to get answers.  For brides that had weddings coming up, this was also very stressful and just disappointing.

After that first day, Mestads Bridal and Formal Wear posted a note on social media asking brides not to worry, letting them know that someone was taking care of paying for the orders, and work was being done to hopefully sell the business.

According to KTTC, Mestad's Bridal and Formal Wear is now owned by Celebrations Bridal in St. Cloud.  The plan is to reopen the store the week of March 20th.  The new name for the business is going to be Celebrations Bridal but the signage won't be changed right away.  As far as the dresses that were ordered, the new company is working with the trustee and bridal companies to ensure that the special orders made before February 1st are delivered.

If you would like a glimpse at the new company, you can check out the Celebrations Bridal and Formalwear Facebook page here.

I am hoping that this news helps brides breathe a little bit easier.

Brides Aren't Thrilled About $4 Million Comment Mestad's Made At Time of Closing

One comment that isn't sitting well for some of the brides that I spoke with are the following words written by Mestad's on its social media page,

Mestad’s is proud to have contributed approximately 4 million dollars as part of our commitment to SE, MN schools and non-profits.

READ MORE:  See full statement by Mestad's here.

Helping the community is extremely important and I am sure many benefited thanks to the generosity of that $4 million.  Unfortunately, the recent actions caused a lot of stress and frustration for individuals in Southeast Minnesota this past month.  That sentence was tough to read by bridal parties who weren't sure if the dresses they paid for would ever show up.

When additional updates are available, I'll post those over on my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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