My kids love camping!  One of my kids just got back from a campout in a yurt and my daughter has even gone backpacking at Isle Royale National Park.  We even had an adventure as a family and did a little bit of glamping in California.  Locally though, we don't really know the best camping spots so I asked around to get a few recommendations, and below are some of the top picks for the area from our listeners and fans of Y-105FM and Jessica On The Radio.

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Top 5 Places To Camp In Southeast Minnesota


  • Ok, this isn't really a valid campground or one that is AAA approved, but it did come up on the list.
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Whitewater State Park Campground 

Money Creek Haven in Houston, Minnesota

  • According to their website, this is the most secluded spot in Southeast Minnesota, so if you are looking for that, this is a winner.  I checked out their website and there are cabins you can rent, and there are a lot of fun, outdoor activities on site too.
  • 18502 County Rd 26, Houston, MN (Get Directions)
  • Learn more at their website: Money Creek Haven 

Rochester/Marion KOA Journey

Lazy D Campground in Altura, MN


Old Barn Resort in Preston, MN

  • This is one that I've actually been to...not to camp...but to drop off my kids to go camping with their grandparents.  This is one of my favorite areas though because of the rolling hills and all of the fun nearby.  The trail to get to Lanesboro is nearby and you can go tubing, golfing, and so much more in this area of Minnesota.
  • 24461 Heron Rd, Preston, MN (Get Directions)
  • Explore this campground at this website:  Old Barn Resort 

...and the number one pick by the fans was...(drum roll)

Eagle Cliff Campground and Lodging in Lanesboro, MN

What's your favorite camping spot in Southeast Minnesota?

If camping is one of your favorite things, I'd love to know your best spots.   Send me a message on my Facebook page (click here) or DM me on Instagram or just click below.

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DREAM HOUSE: Perfect Minnesota Home Features Brewery and Ice Rink

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