As large drops of rain started falling in parts of Minnesota on Monday, one area in Southeast Minnesota got an unexpected surprise in the sky.  One that was caught on camera by several people.

Unexpected Tornado Drops In Southeast Minnesota on Monday Near Rochester

One of my goals is to chase a tornado.  I just had no idea I could have had that chance today.  Just a few weeks ago, my sister and brother-in-law were some of the storm chasers that caught the massive tornadoes on camera near Omaha, Nebraska.  As they sent me the photos from that chase, I'll admit, I was a bit jealous.

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Eric and Julie Amend/Canva
Eric and Julie Amend/Canva

I don't think they are in Minnesota right now trying to catch any tornadic activity on camera but several others did today.

Eric and Julie Amend
Eric and Julie Amend

Tornado Touches Down Near Hayfield, Minnesota on Monday

Monday night, the sky was full of thunder as the National Weather Service in La Crosse issued a Tornado Warning for Sothern Dodge County until 715 PM.  A confirmed tornado was reported near Hayfield, or 8 miles southwest of Dodge Center around 6:31 pm and was moving northeast at 10 mph.

According to several individuals on Facebook and X (formerly known as Twitter), a small tornado dropped to the ground near Hayfield, Minnesota on Monday, May 20th, 2024.  This happened just after 6:00 pm and below are a few of the photos that have been posted.

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**And I know that a lot of us love to try to catch these tornadoes on camera (me included) but the safest place during severe weather is indoors and away from the potential of flying debris.**

BE PREPARED:  Severe Storms Possible Tuesday

The fun week of severe weather is not over.  In fact, it is just starting.

According to the National Weather Service Twin Cities, the following is expected for Tuesday:

  • Widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected Tuesday as a strong low pressure system moves into MN.  Severe storms will be possible along and to the east of the eventual low track.
  • A few tornadoes, damaging wind gusts, large hail, and locally heavy rain are all possible with the greatest risk during the afternoon and evening.

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