I discovered this event on my Facebook today and wanted to share how cool it is with you. It's going on right now, but for a limited time, in Minnesota and it's a seriously impressive floral display/experience.

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Floral Designs that Make You Say 'Wow'

Seeing displays either made out of flowers or featuring flowers is always amazing. I don't understand how some people can create this beautiful work of art out of flowers! I don't think I'd be able to create the displays that we can see right now in Minnesota. Or the ones at the Rose Parade.

The Rose Parade, in case you aren't familiar, happens every New Year's Day in Pasadena, CA. The floats are all designed using just flowers or parts of flowers. Like this one:

128th Tournament Of Roses Parade Presented By Honda
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

And this one:

128th Tournament Of Roses Parade Presented By Honda
Alberto E. Rodriguez, Getty Images

How crazy is that?!

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Floral Experience at the Galleria in Edina

Right now, right here in Minnesota, we can experience an amazing floral display of our own at the Galleria in Edina. It's their Galleria Floral Experience and this year it's taking us under the sea.

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On their website, they say that the flowers are "inspired by the ocean’s wondrous flora and fauna."

The display is only going to be available for us to see for a limited time, though. It just opened on Sunday, March 24th and it'll be there for us to check out through Sunday, April 7th.

As long as the mall is open, you can go check out the experience. Plus, it's free which is pretty sweet.

And then when you're done ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the floral displays, you can hit up one of the many, amazing restaurants in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area that have been featured on the Food Network! I've got the list below.

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