There are tons of hiking trails to explore around Minnesota. If you're an outdoorsy person, you've probably hiked quite a few of them.

We've got trails ranging in difficulty, from easy to very challenging. So for those who are looking for beautiful trails that are a challenge, this list is for you!

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I put together a list of some of the hardest hiking trails around Minnesota. Most are based on reviews from fellow hikers.

Minnesota's Most Difficult Hiking Trails

The Angleworm Lake Trail can be found near Ely in the Superior National Forest. This is from the 10 best hard trails in Minnesota, according to reviews on 'All Trails'.

The trail is a 13.1-mile loop and, on average, it takes 5 hours and 20 minutes to hike the whole loop.

This trail is also part of the Boundary Waters so you know the views are amazing. One reviewer writes, "This trail is quite long and challenging but is particularly beautiful especially once inside the BWCA. Spectacular views high above Angleworm Lake."

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This trail is part of Tettegouche State Park in Silver Bay. It's 15.8 miles long and takes about 7 hours to complete. Although it may take you longer because of the views of Bean and Bear Lakes. I've never hiked this myself but the pictures look amazing.

This trail also comes from the All Trails list of the best hard trails in Minnesota. One reviewer writes, "Incredible views and definitely worth the hike."

An Autumn Landscape Shot of Bear and Bean Lakes in Northern Minnesota

Partially in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, following along the Minnesota and Canada border to the northeast corner of the state, the Border Route Trail is a 65-mile trail that sounds like a tough one.

This trail was named one of the hardest in Minnesota by the Star Tribune and they write that it's a "rugged, remote trail that also is subject to clearing difficulties."

In the Superior National Forest near Grand Marais, you'll find the Caribou Rock Trail, named one of the hardest Minnesota hikes by All Trails reviewers. It's 8.4 miles long out-and-back (so it's not a loop, you go to the end of the trail and then turn around and come back) and takes close to 4 hours to complete, on average.

Based on the map, it looks like you hike by many lake views. One review says, "Trail is evenly split between big up hills, big down hills and easy flat forest walking. Many beautiful look outs."

At Jay Cooke State Park in Carlton is the start of this trail to Northern Terminus. It's part of the Superior Hiking Trail and is a whopping 283.7 miles long one way! If you're really looking for an adventure, backpacking this would be incredible.

This is one of the hardest trails, according to All Trails and they say it takes an average of 116 hours and 44 minutes to complete. Obviously most people won't be doing the whole thing but hitting up just part of this trail should offer great views.

One review says, "I would highly suggest this trail to anyone who loves nature, walking, Lake Superior, and adventures."

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

Starting in Ely, the 40-mile Kekekabic Trail is part of the Superior National Forest. The Star Tribune says it's one of the hardest trails in Minnesota, and I understand why. They write that many hikers say this is "the toughest and most-remote [trail] in Minnesota."

Not only that, but they say it can be hard to follow, so make sure you have a paper map with you if you're checking this one out.

In George Crosby Manitou State Park near Finland, MN you'll find the Manitou and Caribou Rivers Trail. All Trails says that this is one of the toughest trails in the state at 15.4 miles long there and back, and it takes about 7 hours and 15 minutes to complete.

This trail is part of the Superior Hiking Trail, too, and one review says it's an "incredible section to hike through on the Superior Hiking Trail."

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

The Oberg Mountain, Moose Mountain, and Lutsen Trail begins near Lutsen and is part of the Superior National Forest and Superior Hiking Trail. It's one of the most difficult trails in Minnesota according to All Trails.

It's 16.7 miles to the end and back and takes, on average, 8 hours and 9 minutes to complete. One reviewer writes, "Absolutely beautiful, yet difficult, section of the [Superior Hiking Trail]."

According to All Trails reviews, the Prairie and Deer Valley Loop in Afton State Park is the best of the difficult hiking trails in Minnesota. It's a 19.3-mile loop that takes a little under 8 hours to complete on average.

Part of the trail runs along the St. Croix River and it sounds like the views are totally worth the tough hike. One review says it's the best trail in the metro area.

Minnesota DNR
Minnesota DNR

Based on what I've read, this trail might be THE toughest in Minnesota. The Star Tribune says it's one of the most difficult. It's the Powwow Trail in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

They say that this trail is difficult and remote. Not only that, but the US Forest Service decided in 2016 to stop trying to keep the trail clear, so it's likely even more difficult than it was in the past. But being in the Boundary Waters, you can't go wrong view-wise.

The West Lake Agnes Campsite trail to Lutsen Mountains in Lutsen was named a difficult but great hike by All Trails. It's just over 11 miles there and back and takes 4 hours and 35 minutes to complete on average.

One reviewer says that the trail has "nice high overlooks". Another writes, "Lots of steep hills but BEAUTIFUL views!"

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