Minnesota is quickly becoming a mecca for filmmakers. In recent years, several production companies have chosen the Northstar state as the backdrop for their projects, and one producer believes this trend is just the beginning.

Clara Davis told Fox 21 News, "We're on the verge of evolving into a significant film destination and industry. That's how Atlanta began, and that's how other locations like Arizona got their start – as small, burgeoning hubs that eventually blossomed into thriving industries. This growth is not only beneficial for the local economy but also for the residents who live and work here."

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Movies Made In Minnesota

Several movies have been filmed recently in the Duluth area including the Christmas movie Merry Kiss Cam and a Christina Milian moved called Body Language.

The Northland isn’t the only area of the state where directors are choosing to set up shop. Several years ago, scenes for The Last Love Letter were shot in Northfield, and last year, we told you about a movie starring Joe Keery from “Stranger Things” that was being shot in Jordan. See more Minnesota-made movies below.

Thriller Movie Currently Being Filmed Here in Minnesota


The latest movie to film in Minnesota is called Nana's Here. The thriller follows a new mother who tragically loses her husband. Things get interesting when her estranged mother-in-law shows up with bad intentions.

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The film was shot in and around Duluth. We don’t know a release date yet, but we do know that Minnesota native, Rae Dastoor, is the star of the film according to Mix 108 in Duluth.

Huge list of movies that were made in Minnesota

Minnesota is known for having a whole bunch of mosquitos, a giant list of lakes, and of course Mayo Clinic. We've also had quite a few moments on the big screen! According to IMDB.com, see where film crews have been for a huge list of movies made in Minnesota.

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