This has been blowing up thanks to Tiktok. Apparently, there are some Olive Garden locations where you can buy their famous cheese grater for yourself. So I had to know if we could get our own at the Rochester, Minnesota location.


If it's been a minute since you've been to an Olive Garden, let me remind you how great their cheese grater is. There's a compartment on top where you put the cheese, then there's a crank that spins the grater and you don't have to slice the tips of your fingers off grating cheese.

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I need one of these at my house! I was just grating cheese the other day and let me tell you, I could have seriously used an Olive Garden cheese grater.

It was revealed via many Tiktoks that you can, in fact, buy the cheese graters at Olive Garden.

But I kept seeing that it's only at select locations. So I called up the Rochester Olive Garden.

When I asked about the cheese graters the person I spoke with said they were out of stock at the time. However, we can't lose hope, because they may be getting more! If they get a shipment of cheese graters it comes with the rest of their weekly order. So they had some in stock last week, but because of all of these videos they sold out pretty quick, and they aren't totally sure when they'll get them back in stock.

I would imagine that they'll get them back eventually they just weren't sure when. Whenever they do come back, though, they're only $15! Then you can whip out your fancy cheese grater at home and annoy your family by saying 'say when' every time you have pasta. You know that's what I would do.

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