Revolving. Sushi. Bar. Do I need to say more? This place sounds awesome and they have a history that proves they know what they're doing. This company just opened up their first revolving sushi bar in Minnesota and I need to go.

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This Revolving Sushi Bar Began in Japan

This revolving sushi bar actually got its start in Japan in 1977. That's when they opened their first location. And now, 45 years later, they have over 500 restaurants throughout Japan, Taiwan, and the US, according to their website.

Chef preparing sushi

First Kura Sushi in Minnesota Opens

Just recently the company, Kura Sushi, opened their first Minnesota location at the Mall of America! I'm so happy that it's pretty close to us and it's not super far away. I'll definitely drive an hour and a half to go check this place out. On the Mall of America page for Kura Sushi, they say,

[We serve] to bring Japanese culture and tradition to our guests through a stimulating technology forward dining experience with authentic dishes made with premium ingredients, as it’s enjoyed in Japan.

Sushi Served on a Conveyor Belt

Yes, the dishes are transported around the restaurant on a conveyor belt. How cool is that! I'm not 100% certain how it works but from what I can tell I think you may watch what's on the conveyor belt and if something looks good you grab it. Or maybe you order it and it comes to you on the conveyor belt. Either way, I'm so down to try it out!

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