Eddie from local favorites,  El Carambas and OPA! OPA!!, is expanding Rochester's culinary scene. He has taken his successful food truck concept and transformed it into a full-service Mexican restaurant that will be opening soon.

This new venture features the authentic Mexican dishes he's known for on the menu with some exciting twists. The restaurant will include a fully stocked bar and a traditional Mexican bakery. Find out when the new business is opening and where it's located below.

A press release explains the new joint will "redefine the Mexican dining experience by offering a unique fusion of traditional Birria flavors, a stylish liquor bar, and a tempting selection of fresh Mexican bakery products."

I took a peek at their menu online and there are some unique items like Pizza Birria served with Consomé soup and Birria Ramen.

What is Birria?


All Recipes explains, " Birria is a type of flavorful meat stew from Mexico. The consomé, (chile pepper broth) that the meat is braised and stewed in, is the central component of this dish. Birria would not be Birria without it."

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Opening Soon: Rochester Food Truck Transforms into Full-Service Mexican Restaurant

Eddie's Rey de la Birria takes pride in presenting an unparalleled Birria dining experience, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Mexico through its meticulously crafted dishes. Birria enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike can savor the authenticity and tradition embedded in every bite of our delectable Birria-style creations, expertly prepared by our talented cooks using time-honored recipes and premium ingredients.

Eddie's Rey de la Birria is set to open at 1201 S. Broadway Suite 80 in Rochester's Crossroads Shopping Center, taking over the building where Prescott's was located.

The grand opening is scheduled for April 1st.

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