Back in August Maui experienced terrible wildfires that caused billions of dollars in damage. While they're working to rebuild, there's a way that we can help out right here in Minnesota. And all we have to do is drink beer. Pretty easy, right?

West Maui Slowly Reopens To Residents And Tourism After Devastating Fire
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The Kōkua Project

The Kōkua Project was put together by Maui Brewing Company. Kōkua translates to 'extending help to others' in Hawaiian and it's also the name of the new beer brewed for the purpose of helping Maui wildfire victims.

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Maui Brewing Company created the beer, now the beer is being brewed at over 700 breweries across the country, according to a media release I received. Those breweries have pledged to brew this beer and donate the proceeds to the Global Empowerment Mission who is helping with the wildfire relief.

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Of those over 700 breweries, 16 of them are in Minnesota.

It's very easy to participate: you just pick which brewery of the 16 you'd like to go to, buy the Kōkua beer, you get to enjoy a delicious beer, and the money goes to wildfire relief. What a great idea!

Where to Find the Kōkua Beer in Minnesota

Arbeiter Brewing - Minneapolis

Bent Paddle Brewing Co. - Duluth

Forgotten Star Brewing Company - Fridley

Gambit Brewing Co. - St. Paul

Gravity Storm Brewery - Austin

Credit: Gravity Storm Brewery via Facebook
Credit: Gravity Storm Brewery via Facebook

Heavy Rotation Brewing - Brooklyn Park

Kinney Creek Brewery - Rochester

Google Maps
Google Maps

MetroNOME Brewery - St. Paul

Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub - Minneapolis

Omni Brewing - Maple Grove

Rendezvous Brewing - Hackensack

Talking Waters Brewing Co. - Montevideo

Thesis Beer Project - Rochester

Google Maps
Google Maps

Uncommon Loon Brewing Company - Chisago City

Union 32 Crafthouse - Eagan

Wooden Hill Brewing Company - Edina

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