I'm super excited that this is now an option in southeast Minnesota! As far as I know, something like this hasn't been offered in our area, at least in the past few years. Now, just 25 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota, we can experience EXTREME snow tubing.

Extreme Snow Tubing Near Rochester, MN

What the heck is extreme snow tubing? You know those tubing spots I've written about in the past where you go tubing at night and they've got all of these fun lights? It's that! But way closer to home now. (The picture below is from Buck Hill's night tubing.)

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Night Snow Tubing with Lights Near Rochester, MN

The place that's offering this experience for the first time is Steeplechase Tubing in Mazeppa! On their website they say every Friday and Saturday night they'll be doing extreme snow tubing, so there are plenty of chances to check this out.

Typical snow tubing hours are Fridays 5 PM - 9 PM, Saturdays 10 AM - 9 PM, and Sundays 11 AM - 5 PM. Those hours are different on holidays.

group of happy friends sliding down on snow tubes
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Steeplechase Extreme Tubing Tickets

Other places that I've seen that do night tubing have a specific number of tickets that they'll sell for night tubing. Steeplechase doesn't appear to have that. You get your ticket online and you can use it any time until March 31st. For one hour of tubing, it'll cost you $15 per person, 2 hours is $24, and 4 hours is $40.

Oooh, you could bring some glow sticks to wear when you go, that would be so fun!

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