Too sad! I hate reading these stories, especially when the marriage wasn't that long, but here's hoping they can work it out!

Jana Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin are taking a break while he enters rehab. We don't know what he's necessarily entering rehab for, but, whatever it is seems seriously enough that Jana is giving him space.

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Taste Of Country explains, "An unnamed source says that the country singer is “devastated,” but that she is “trying to put on a brave face and do what’s best for her daughter.” Kramer and Caussin have a nearly 7-month-old daughter named Jolie Rae, who was born in January."

They met on Twitter, and married in May of 2015. I'm hoping they can work it out and stay together, but who knows what's actually going on. I'll still love her tunes no matter what she decides to do! I know that much.

What is your favorite Jana Kramer tune?

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