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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The economy in the Rochester area continued to set new employment-related records last month.

The latest data issued by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development shows overall employment in Olmsted County rose above 91,000 for the first time in July. The total was 91,315 while the local labor force hit another all-time high of 92,895.

Companies Struggle To Fill Low-Wage Positions In Tight Job Market
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That pushed the unemployment rate for Olmsted County down two-tenths of a percentage point from June to 1.7%. That is nearly a half of a percentage point higher than the record low rate of 1.3% reached in May but it is almost a full percentage point lower than the jobless rate from July of last year.

Regionwide, only one county reported an unemployment rate above 2% in July. Freeborn County had a jobless rate of 2.2%, while Houston County had the lowest rate in the region at 1.6%. Every county reported a drop in joblessness. Winona and Wabasha counties reported the biggest declines at three-tenths of a percentage point.

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