After finding out that there's a trolley tour that takes you to all the haunted spots in Rochester, I was shocked to find out that the Kahler Hotel wasn't on there. Haunted Rooms claims that the Kahler Hotel is the 8th Most haunted hotel in Minnesota. Why is that? Well, it was opened on the original site of the Mayo Clinic and there seems to be one spirt that stuck around.

Who is the spirt? Her name is Hellen Voorhesse. She was originally from Chicago and came to the Mayo Clinic for a checkup in 1977 according to She was a wealthy lady who lost her husband. In this time, horse races were a huge deal and she spent a lot of her wealth on horses. So why is she haunting the hotel? Well, she was murdered, but that wanst found out until years after she disappeared. The website said she was last seen buying stuff at the Kahler gift shop. Money wasn't the motive in this murder. She was going to turn in a gang for some illegal activity and they didn't want to get caught. So why does she stick around? Experts think she stays because she can't come to terms with her murder.

How do we know she's still haunting this hotel? Guests claim that they have seen a "ghostly figure" in the elevator as they travel to their room and all of a sudden she disappears. Those sightings have slowed down since 2004, according to the website. Even so, other things have been happening that point to the hotel still being haunted. According to Haunted Rooms, people have complained about sudden temperature changes and noises as they sleep. They also have had instances when areas of the hotel will smell bad for no reason. But is it Hellen, or are there other ghosts haunting the hotel? That's for you to decide! Not me!

Coming for Colorado, we had one of the most haunted hotels in the country. They call it the Stanley and I've heard plenty of stories. I've never had the guts to stay there, but I have done tours of it. My last radio station was in an old hospital they converted, so I had my fair share of haunted experiences. I'm telling you, old hospitals are haunted.

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