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Did you know you can own a kangaroo in Wisconsin? It's true. And I KNOW it's true because Franklin, Wisconsin was hopping Tuesday with news of a loose kanga!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal says a resident of Franklin owns the kangaroo,

According to city ordinances, there is a two-animal limit on dogs, cats or tiny horses. City ordinances don't mention kangaroos. In fact, there is no state law requiring a permit to own a kangaroo. It's up to local governments to regulate kangaroos in their communities.

Wisconsin, South Carolina, and West Virginia allow you, "to legally own kangaroos without a permit."  You can ALSO own a lion, tiger, monkey, llama, giraffe, chinchilla, porcupine, weasel, chipmunk, or mole in Wisconsin (source).

What about Minnesota? According to the same source, ""Regulated animals" including bear, tiger, cheetah, leopard, monkey, lemur (exceptions apply). Non-regulated animals including porcupine, ferret, camel, llama."

A lemur? "Since lemurs are wild animals, they are not safe to keep as pets. They could be very difficult to handle and may become dangerous in the long run, with their capacity to bite humans." Read more about why they don't make good pets here.

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One thing you should know, in some countries, they hijack a wild baby- lemur from mom, which generally means the mom gets killed. If you want a pet lemur, lemmie tell hit you with some mad truth. You want something that'll be mean to you, stick with a cat.

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