Keith Urban and Foy Vance recently got together for an epic jam — but it ended up taking an unexpected turn into comedy.

Urban turned to social media on Monday (May 13) to post two clips of himself and the Irish singer-songwriter in the studio together jamming on Vance's song "Burden," with Urban singing lead and accompanying them on acoustic guitar, while Vance plays keyboard and sings high harmonies.

They're very serious in the first clip as they sing, "Come to me my brother and I will sit with you awhile / Pretty soon I'll see you smile, you know you will / No matter how much you hurt night now, you know everything will change in time / So let me carry your burden."

Watch: Keith Urban Performs "Burden" at the 2019 ACM Awards

The second clip starts with Vance singing lead, and he quickly begins to deliver the serious lyrics in an exaggerated voice like an over-the-top soul singer. Urban starts to break up as he exclaims, "Oh, yes you will!" to emphasize what Vance has just sung. Vance and Urban then both proceed to trail off into nearly unintelligible vocalizations before they grind to a halt, laughing, with Urban waving his arm to the camera and saying, "That's the gist of it."

"I feel like we got it!" the person behind the camera remarks comically to complete the hilarious scene.

"Spent some time in studio with the wildly and celestially talented @foyvance - they don’t make em like him anymore.... I don’t even think it’s legal!!!" Urban writes to accompany the footage.

Urban previously covered "Burden" at the 2019 ACM Awards before releasing a cover version the following day.

It's unclear what Urban and Vance were doing in the studio together. Urban has just released a new song, "We Were," that's presumably the first we've heard of an upcoming new album, but no further details about new music have been released.

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