There's a lot of reasons to love Ellen DeGeneres, but this one is my favorite. She loves to give celebs a good scare!

Her latest victim was Kellie Pickler, who stopped by the show to promote her show 'I Love Kellie Pickler.' She mentioned that she went away to Japan with her husband and Ellen capitalized on that opportunity.

Kellie explained that she learned some Japanese, and tried to use it (but failed in an adorable way). But she said the best part of the trip was getting to dress us as a geisha while she was there. When opportunities knock, Ellen answers! Cue the scare! Taste of Country explains, "As the two look at the image of Pickler in a kimono, a man dressed as a geisha jumps out from a side table and the singer gives a loud scream, backing into her chair and looking extremely frightened."

This is just too funny! Check out the video for more!

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