Kenny Chesney music videos are some of the best in country music. The singer-songwriter has always had a penchant for taking great songs and filming top-notch videos to support them.

Chesney has worked in a variety of different formats, from sun-splashed, fun videos to dark, broodingly cinematic clips, which has consistently made him one of the most interesting video artists in Nashville -- as you'll see in our list of the Top 5 Kenny Chesney Music Videos.

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    "Come Over"

    Chesney's video for "Come Over" was a dramatic change of pace for him. Directed by Shaun Silva and filmed entirely in black and white, the clip shows Chesney without his usual hat and with a shaved head. It alternates footage of the singer on a boat and scenes with a woman in his house for what he termed a "high-class booty call."

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    "You and Tequila"

    Chesney's video for "You and Tequila" is an example of how important locations are to his visuals. Shot in Malibu, Calif., the video, like the song, features singer Grace Potter. She and Chesney play exes who can't seem to quite forget each other, and director Shaun Silva -- who has helmed many of Chesney's videos, and actually directed every one on this list -- uses moody lighting and spectacular scenery to create a visually arresting depiction of the song's themes.

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    "The Boys of Fall"

    Chesney stretched out for "The Boys of Fall" video, which is over eight minutes in length. The clip includes many famous football players and coaches sharing their experiences playing high school football and giving their advice to young players. Silva shot this clip in Texas, Illinois and Tennessee -- partly at Gibbs High School, where Chesney himself played high school football.

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    "When the Sun Goes Down"

    Probably no other contemporary country star has as many laid-back beach anthems as Chesney, and "When the Sun Goes Down" is the best of them all. Filmed with a guest appearance by Uncle Kracker, who also appeared on the song, the video perfectly captures the song's good-time groove. The clip was filmed in South Florida during Chesney's Keg in the Closet tour of small bars near college campuses.

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    "There Goes My Life"

    "There Goes My Life" was a perfect match of song and video. The clip is a literal re-telling of the lyrics, featuring a young girl telling her high school football player boyfriend that she is pregnant. Silva uses a surprise twist at the end to bring together the timeline in a unique and impactful way that makes it the very best of all of Chesney's videos.

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