You know... kids do the cutest things even when they don't mean to. The other day, a picture of a boy practically broke the internet because it was so cute.

Photo Credit Marika Daniels
Photo Credit Marika Daniels

According to KTTC, 18-month-old Lando was on an adventure with his family. They were moving to Eau Claire, Wisconsin and his mom Marika Daniels decided to take Lando and his two older brothers to the children's museum in South Dakota before they moved. The boys were being boys and spent some time fishing in the pond at the museum. Like any proud mom, she wanted a picture of her boys to document the day.

Getting three boys to sit still for a picture... that's hard to do. My mom would tell you the same thing about three kids. Daniels was trying to get the older boys to look at the camera. She snapped what she thought was a great picture. The article continues to say that Daniels didn't look at the picture until later and then realized what little Landon did. The picture eventually turned into a meme and has everyone talking. A lot of people are buzzing about the meme the picture was eventually turned into. Like any viral post, the picture found air-time on the Today Show and many other news stations the past few days.

So why did I bring this up? Well, when I came across the picture in my news feed, I had to take a double look. The boys look exactly like my little cousins back in Colorado and that is something that the youngest would totally do. It's moments like those you can't take back and that's why everyone is buzzing. But the meme is so true... "Every Family Has That One Kid!"

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