Lauren Alaina sure knows how to throw a party. While every No. 1 single is significant, there was a special magic in the air on Wednesday (May 24) when Alaina packed the Sutler in Nashville to celebrate her first No. 1 hit, "Road Less Traveled."

The event brought out the media and her closest family and friends — many in hilarious onesies — including "Road Less Traveled" co-writer Meghan Trainor. Alaina admits that she has been to many No. 1 parties in the past, but it didn't really resonate that she had a hit until it was time for her own.

"It's pretty crazy, I've been to a few and I don't remember being at those No. 1 parties and thinking that I would ever have one," Alaina spills to Taste of Country and other media while wearing a blue sequined ensemble that had "Number Onesie" and "Road Less Traveled" embroidered on it.

"I just can't believe it. I've cried a lot, too. I've celebrated in a lot of ways," she says. Alaina actually threw a party of her own at her house — that one included a slip-n-slide and baby goats.

Wednesday's official event was a true celebration of the young singer and her accomplishment, with those who love her putting together a congratulatory video. "You're one of the best pockets. You have crazy range and you have so much soul, so it just was sort of a no-brainer that this should work," co-writer Jesse Frasure raves of Alaina. "I'm so happy to be part of this song, I'm so proud of you, grateful that this is your first No. 1."

All About Lauren Alaina's "Road Less Traveled"

"Because of all her hard work and your hard work, it finally made it to No. 1 and the world got to hear it and I think it helped out a lot of young girls out there, and a lot of young boys, but it's so magical when you have something that actually means something and it's on the radio. We need more of that every single day," Trainor echoed.

Reflecting on the song's success, which grew out of Alaina's struggle with an eating disorder, the American Idol star is proud that she found the courage to take on a challenging and deeply personal subject matter, because it has impacted so many people. She says young fans approach her at shows to share their stories dealing with similar issues.

"It was cool for me to get to tell that story in an empowering way. It's kind of a very serious topic, but we wrote it in a super fun way," Alaina explains.  "It makes me really proud that I spoke now because there are way more people than I thought going through that and I thought I was super alone when I was dealing with that and that's not the case and I'm glad I spoke out about it. We knew that day that it was a special song." 

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