I hope you have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow! - Alan

According to the National Turkey Federation, close to 90% of Americans will eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Other findings:

- Over 46 million birds will be eaten tomorrow, or about 690 million pounds of turkey.

- 75% of America will devour pumpkin pie for dessert

- over 575 million pounds of cranberry sauce will be eaten

- 1.4 billion pounds of sweet potatoes have been grown for Thanksgiving and Christmas consumption

- According to a survey by Pepperidge Farm, 70% of American women will be doing the cooking on Thanksgiving.

- Only 50% of those who actually cook a Thanksgiving meal enjoy eating it.

- 34% of Americans love to watch football on Thanksgiving while only 22% enjoy Thanksgiving Day parades.

- Thanksgiving Eve ranks as one of the top five busiest days for pizza delivery in the United States. The other top days are Super Bowl Sunday, Halloween, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

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