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I wrote this last week, but wanted to send out the warning again. LOOK OUT FOR LADDERS AND CURSES!


There are two Friday the 13ths in 2020. One back in March and one two Fridays away. What could go wrong? Heh. Heh. ((ahem)) Are you ready? And by ready I mean...well, what do I mean? And why is we fear the number thirteen?

According to History.com it has to do with the world's oldest legal document (yep, lawyers were screwing us up even then...jokes, lawyers...jokes!)…

An early myth surrounding the origin of the fear involved one of the world’s oldest legal documents, the Code of Hammurabi, which reportedly omitted a 13th law from its list of legal rules. In reality, the omission was no more than a clerical error made by one of the document’s earliest translators who failed to include a line of text—in fact, the code doesn’t numerically list its laws at all. (Keep reading)

If you have triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number thirteen), you might think it's actually evil. A lot of builders seem to think so. When's the last time you saw a 13th floor in a 14 story building? And what do they do with that floor? Do they build it then take it out like a big game of Jenga?

Friday 13th

History.com also says the number 12 is considered by some to be the perfect number, which was bound to cause envy/jealousy to 11 and 13. 13 being the older number, would certainly have been a brat about it. Thus 13 is bad luck (that's just science, son!).

Even in Rochester you find examples of 13 being considered bad luck. Why crack a Rochester Magazine some time...good luck finding #13 any list of at least fourteen things! Ask Rochester Magazine's Steve Lange, he'll tell you (slange@rochestermagazine.com). In the printing business, 13 is Bad News Bears!

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