I'm super excited to bring this to you guys on Monday during Afternoons With Val! Are you ready for it?

I'm a huge fan of arcade games, and any excuse to win money (just like you are!) so we're teaming up with the Minnesota Lottery to present something really cool.

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Starting Monday, I, Val, will be doing Pacman week. You're probably sitting and reading this, asking "why?" and I'll tell you! They're offering a grand prize of $75,000 with a new Pacman themed scratch-off!!! To celebrate the new game, I'm giving you the chance to win some scratch-off tickets! Here's what you need to know...

  • Starting Monday, every weekday this week at 3:30 we'll do the Pacman Power Play.
  • When you hear Pacman "power up" listen carefully because you're getting a code word!
  • Enter it to win those scratch-off tickets!
  • You must be 18 to enter!

Sound good? Can't wait to kick this off with you guys on Monday!

MN Lottery
MN Lottery

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