You've heard about World Kindness Day, right? It's actually World Kindness Week. In case you missed it, there's a lot of kindness going on in Rochester thanks to an awesome group of community members who choose to live kind every day.

Rochester RAK Facebook
Rochester RAK Facebook

They are the Rochester RAK, or Random Acts of Kindness Group, Rochester. Their recent project brought a tear to my eye. As of this writing, they raised $1,055 for a "meal train" that would benefit 10-year-old Nancy Ogak who was hit by a car while crossing the street on her bike.

This act would ensure that Nancy's family was taken care of. Their donation page explained, "While Nancy's parents care for her in the hospital her siblings are caring for one and other. There are kids from the ages of 1-19 in the house. Le'ts rally behind them and give them one less thing to worry about! Gift cards and cafe support for her family at the hospital would also be helpful."

Rochester came together, and they exceeded their original goal of $1,000! Way to go!!



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