Like other students, medical students have seen a significant change in their daily lives. While many traditional students can take classes online, medical students who are past the classroom stage of their education, face a different challenge. Most have been pulled from their rotations in hospitals and clinics.

A group of University of Minnesota medical students saw a need for childcare for doctors' kids and formed MN COVIDSitters. On their website they say, "Our ad-hoc volunteer group is a student-run team from Twin Cities colleges and Universities...Our team provides services to healthcare workers - anyone from resident physicians to to the remarkable humans who work to keep our hospitals clean."

My daughter, a displaced medical student herself on the Twin Cities campus, says the idea originated in Seattle, WA offering a variety of services to medical professionals from grocery shopping to childcare and other needs.

The Minnesota group states, "Our goal is to help offset the impact of school closures and increased work demands on healthcare workers. We hope other healthcare students will take the initiative to work within their communities to develop similar services for local care team members too."

While local public schools are offering childcare for medical professionals and some other essential workers, it's good to see medical students thinking outside the box during a challenging time. This also is as a resource to fill any gaps that may be left after what is offered at local public schools.

My son is a more traditional student at the University of Minnesota and started taking his courses online this week. He indicated the technology they used created an "engaging and fun" experience. The professor presented the material and students could interject with questions.

With the self isolation he is limited to, he has had plenty of time to play video games lately. Since he is majoring in Computer Science, I'm not sure if that counts as homework or downtime.



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