Michael Ray's three-minute "Get to You" video finds the singer trying to convince his girlfriend to fight for their relationship. In the middle of an argument, he heads out for a weekend on the road, and their situation remains unresolved.

Written by Abe Stoklasa and Pavel Dovgalyuk, "Get to You" is the lead single off of Ray's forthcoming sophomore studio album Amos. Ray is trying his best to understand his girl and why she runs away when things get hard.

"Why do you run away from love, what the hell are you so scared of / I'm trying, I'm trying to get to you," he sings in the chorus.

"'Get to You' is such a special song not only because it's the first single off of Amos, but also because I feel that it's something everyone can relate to on some level," he says. "I feel like we've all been on at least one side of this storyline. In my case, I've been on both sides."

Ray calls his girl during his downtime, before he's set to take the stage that night. She ignores his phone call and the relationship looks like it's doomed, but later that night, while swiping through photos of the two of them, she has a change of heart. Watch the "Get to You" video to see how things get resolved.

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