National Coffee Day is coming up Sunday, September 29th, and you don't have to drive very far to find one of the best coffee cities in the country!

When it comes to coffee, the city I usually think of is Seattle. I mean, that's where Starbucks is based and the entire Pacific Northwest is pretty much responsible for the coffee revolution over the past twenty years or so.

But according to this new survey from WalletHub, you don't necessarily have to head all the way to Washington state to get a great cup of joe. In fact, Minnesota's own Minneapolis was just named one of America's Best Coffee Cities.

Now, even in their 2019 survey of the Best Coffee Cities in America, Seattle still comes in at number one. No surprise, really, But Minneapolis placed on the list, too-- at number 16. (Heck, even St. Paul made the list, too, but way down at number 44.)

So what makes a city a good coffee city? Well, the WalletHub survey looked at several different categories across America's 100 largest cities and centered on "14 key indicators of coffee lover-friendliness. Our data set ranges from coffee shops, coffee houses and cafés per capita to average price per pack of coffee. In addition, we compiled a list of top coffee retailers extending special savings in honor of National Coffee Day on Sept. 29," the survey said.

I thought Minneapolis having been home to Caribou Coffee when it was founded back in 1992 probably helped our rankings, but this City Pages story noted that the company was actually sold back in 2000 and is now owned by a German company. The story also does, though, go in-depth on how Minnesota has had a big roll in keeping a super-select set of coffee beans popular across the country. (You can read it all HERE.)

So, if you're a coffee-lover, you can enjoy a cup of java this Sunday here in Minnesota and know you're probably getting one of the best in the country!

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