Okay... I know what you are thinking. Why is she writing about biking when there is still ice and snow on the ground? Well, friend, I have a good reason. KARE11 did a story about a new ranking that came out that has to do with accessibility to bike lanes throughout the country.

The article said that Redfin is the company that did the study to see which cities in the United States are the most "bike-friendly." According to the article, Redfin is a "technology-powered real estate brokerage." Their study named Minneapolis the most bikeable city in the country.

Like any study, each city received a score based on a few factors. Some of those factors were access to bike lanes, hilliness, and the bikeablity of neighborhoods. They also set three baselines for their scoring.

  • If a person "could do errands on their bike," the city received a score of 90 or above.
  • If a city was "convenient to do most things on a bike," they scored between 70 and 89.
  • If a city had "some bike infrastructure," they scored between 50 and 69.

Minneapolis took top marks even though the land of ten thousand lakes has rough winters, during the summer months Minneapolis is beautiful for biking. There are plenty of bike lanes and trails to keep every outdoors person happy in the city. It is also easy to navigate if you are on two wheels. The article said this was the second year in a row Minneapolis took the top spot in this study.

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