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Kamryn Johnson is nine. She lives in Chanhassen, MN and, together with her neighborhood friends, wondered what they could do to make a difference as the world around them talks about the murder of George Floyd and racial justice.

According to the Washington Post, Kamryn is the boss, and her five friends, ages 5 to 12-years-old, are the crew. Together they've made a LOT of friendship bracelets to sell as a fundraiser for Minneapolis communities in need. How much did they figure to raise? They didn't know, they just knew they wanted to do SOMETHING.

$40,000 in money raised so far is definitely something. It's a huge success and they plan to keep on going.

When you step back and look at her family, tho, you kinda get the feeling taking action is in their DNA. Kamryn's dad is Ron Johnson, who used to play for U of M, then was drafted into the NFL by Baltimore Ravens. Her grandfather, who passed away 2 years ago, is Ron Johnson Sr. He won two Super Bowl rings playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Where's the money going? To food banks and black-owned businesses struggling because of the pandemic and protests. Some of the donors have come from the NFL, like former Viking Chad Greenway and Harrison Smith. Guess what color bracelets they chose? The U of M President stopped by, too saying if you want to feel optimistic about our future, watch a child who discovers they can make a difference.

Let's talk about Kamryn's mom, Shani Johnson. Doing the day to day and figuring out how to parent in these changed times is enough to frazzle you, but when you add the pandemic and the protests, it takes it all to another level of emotional energy needed. Again from the Washington Post,

Kamryn’s mother, Shani Johnson, 39, said this experience has been the source of light she needed right now. “We spent many days grieving and processing after George Floyd’s death and everything that happened here in our city, so it’s just been a huge encouragement and joy to see the good out there,” she said.

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