Are you one of those people that does a deep dive into an actor when you're watching TV? By the time I'm done with the show, I can tell you where the actor is from, what else they've been in, who they've been married to, how many kids they have, and then some.

Maybe it's the small town girl in me - nosey with the urge to know everything about people. Anyway, I recently spotted a familiar face on a new TV show my hubby and I started watching and after doing a little research found out he's actually from the land of 10,000 lakes and now I like him even more!!

We immediately recognized him as one of the hilarious guys from Superstore. Were you a fan of that show? I LOVED it. Remember Bo? He was Cheyenne's boyfriend. His real name is Johnny Pemberton and his hometown is Rochester! Mind. Blown!

Check this out, according to an article I found about him on the Star Tribune, he comes from a long line of Mayo Clinic surgeons as far back as his great grandfather, who apparently worked aside the Mayo brothers. When the article was published in 2013, his dad, John Pemberton, was still a surgeon at Mayo. According to WebMD, he's still a surgeon here specializing in Colorectal Surgery.

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It goes on to mention how Johnny is a Lourdes grad who later went to Florida State University and then Los Angeles, where he snagged his first gig - a behind-the-scenes job at Fox Broadcasting. He also did stand-up comedy.

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Now, he's making an impressive appearance as Thaddeus in an amazing new show on Prime. It's based on an old video game called Fallout. We are three episodes in and definitely hooked. Have you watched it yet?

IMDB gives Fallout an 8.6 out of 10, on Google 95% people like the show, Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 93%, and it's currently the number on show on Prime.

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