I'm a proud mama to two fur-babies. I can still remember the day I brought each of them home like it was just yesterday. Khuno was a little devil. Chewing up literally everything, and the potty-training process, woof (pun intended). Mika had major separation anxiety whenever we would leave, and destroyed the house. Having some time to help the animals get acclimated to their new home would have been awesome! One Minnesota company recognizes that and is giving new pet parents extra paid-time-off.

I know some people might read this and think "crazy animal people thinking that having a pet is the same thing as having a child." Hey, I get that it's not exactly the same thing, but that doesn't mean having an animal isn't a huge responsibility! And truthfully, they are like children in a lot of ways. And extra time off for those first few days, sometimes longer, that it takes them to get used to their new home. I'm not asking for a full 6 weeks off, but a few days would be so cool!

Props to the company, Nina Hale in Minneapolis for being one of (if not THE) first in Minnesota to offer this perk.

Do you wish more companies would offer something like this?

Source: Fox 9




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