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Talk about serving their community: Shout-out to these first responders and what they did for a patient here in Minnesota.

The motto of many law enforcement agencies here in Minnesota and across the country is 'to protect and serve,' and while I don't doubt that many departments do just that, one fire department here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes REALLY protected and served their patient.

As I've noted many times, my dad was a police officer for over 30 years back in my hometown over in Wisconsin, so I have a special appreciation for the tireless work that our first responders do every day.

And while the work of parademics and firefighters doesn't usually involve shoveling snow, that's exactly what the crew Plymouth, Minnesota just did earlier this week. According to a post on the Plymouth Fire Department Twitter page, the crew responded to a call of a resident who, while snow blowing his driveway, thought he was having a heart attack.

After they got him stabilized and on his way to the hospital, the crew then got to work and finished clearing his driveway of all that snow that fell here in the North Star State on Tuesday!

You can check out all the details in the post below, which was reposted from a note the man's wife posted on a neighborhood social media site. Well done, Plymouth Fire Department! Of course, our own Rochester Fire Department has been known to go above and beyond in service to our community-- especially the feline members-- too. (Remember THIS story from last summer?)

Thank you to ALL our first responders-- we appreciate the work you do!

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