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This job, which pays $174,000 a year, is available right now in Minnesota. But there ARE a few catches if you're interested.

If you're looking for a new job, this one is open right now in southeast Minnesota. The pay is pretty good-- $174,000 a year-- with some pretty spiffy benefits, as well. But there IS a catch: it IS kind of temporary. And a little tricky to get.

In fact, should you get this job, you'll have to re-apply to keep it again this fall. And, if you are re-hired in the fall, even then, the job is only for a period of two years. So which job is it?

It's the job of being Minnesota's 1st District Representative in Congress. It's the seat that had been held by Representative Jim Hagedorn but is now vacant after he passed away last Thursday, (Feb. 17th.)


To fill that position, according to federal and state law, Minnesota is required to hold a special election. Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon said the primary for that special election will be held on May 24th, with the winner chosen on August 9th. (Which happens to be the primary date for all other positions open during the mid-term election this November in Minnesota.)

The winner of the August 9th special election will immediately take office and serve the five remaining months of this Congressional term. But, the seat itself is up for re-election later this year.

So, say you wanted to represent Minnesota's 1st District in Congress. You COULD run in the special election, but to keep serving beyond 2022, you'd need to run AGAIN and win the election this fall. (Of course, even if you ran and lost in the special election, you could run again in the regular election in the fall.)

But if you DID win, just how much would you earn? Well, it's not too bad! According to the Congressional Research Service, rank-and-file U.S. Representatives and Senators are paid a base salary $174,000 a year.

Plus, they get other generous benefits including free airport parking in Washington D.C., free membership in an on-site gym, subsidized health insurance, as well as generous allowances for staff and travel too-- plus a LOT of days off (though the schedule does change from year to year, depending on when Congress is in session.)

And, of course to keep that job, you DO have to keep running for office. You can get more information on becoming a candidate HERE. And keep scrolling to check out some of the other highest-paying jobs here in Minnesota.

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