I know, we're only at the end of July, but Minnesota did something last weekend that pretty much means we'd better break out the winter jackets and snow shovels.


Okay, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but humor me for a minute. And while our weather lately has been absolutely fabulous (mainly thanks to the lower humidity and dew points), if you're tired of the hot, humid weather a Minnesota always brings, here's a ray of hope:

We're officially on the downward slope toward winter.

Wait, what?!? It's only August, right? And while we know we're in the last third of summer-- the Vikings are back at training camp, we're getting excited for the Minnesota State Fair, and back to school supplies have appeared at local stores-- it's still summer, isn't it?

Sure. But according to the National Weather Service in the Twin Cities, our average high temperatures peaked at 84 degrees last Saturday (July 22) and are now headed down to their lowest point, which happens in January. (January 18, to be exact, when they bottom out at 23 degrees and then start gradually increasing.)

So, yeah-- we still have some summer and all of a lovely fall season left, but you can't fool Mother Nature... those cold winter temperatures are, indeed, on their way!

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