I noticed something really odd at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden last weekend.

The only reason it was odd, is because not a single person seemed upset by this - though I feared they would be.

While I caught a quick glimpse of the famous Spoon Bridge and Cherry sculpture, I saw a crowd begin to gather around a man dressed in (what I assume is) a traditional look for him. He was asking those browsing the garden to "Meet a Muslim" and invited any questions.

As you can see, his task was met with smiles, handshakes and even a few hugs.

I'll be honest. Recent events in our country have certainly given everyone, of every religion, a reason to be fearful. I feared for this man. I was hoping no one would harm him, and thankfully they didn't.

I don't know who he is. I know that he did hand out pamphlets, but I don't know what they entailed.

What I do know is this - Minnesota is welcoming, amazing, and should always stay this open-hearted.


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