Everyone loves a good urban legend. Whether it be one of Minnesota's biggest fish tale ever told, "Hookers on Ice" or a good tale on Bigfoot.

The past few years have been crazy, especially with the Pentagon confirming existence of something more last year. Could Bigfoot actually be real or just a hoax throughout all these years?

I've been hearing stories about Bigfoot for years, especially living in Minnesota with woods everywhere. My mom even claims to be a "Squatcher". Every time I'm in the woods with my dad and we hear a strange noise, his go to is always "that has to be a Squatch".

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Bigfoot has also been known to be very elusive and not a lot is known about sasquatch. Sasquatch Central has been sharing witness videos and information about Sasquatch since 2011 on their YouTube channel. People are constantly sharing unexplainable stories that they've witness while camping, hiking, or anytime they're in the woods.

They posted a recent story on their channel about a Minnesota man claiming to have seen Bigfoot about 35 miles west of Duluth. I'm guessing near the city of Gowan (which is nearby Floodwood). Gowan is an unincorporated township in St. Louis county and about 37.5 miles west of Duluth.

About a minute into the video, the narrator butchers the name of Duluth. That's okay, because we are Minnesota nice so the narrator is forgiven. The story goes on to say this claim happened in about 1975 or 1976. The man was "taking a sauna" when he was cooling off outside of it and sitting naked. He claims an eerie feeling came over him that someone was looking at him. He looked over and saw something staring at him. He thought it was his brother at first, then realized it could be something else.

Check out the story below. Could it be authentic or just a made up story to tell? I for one, could not imagine being naked and seeing Bigfoot. That's a big no thank you for me.

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