This is one of those stories you read that you'd think might have taken place out in New York or Los Angeles. But, nope, it happened yesterday-- and right here in Minnesota.


Yes, from the 'Did You REALLY Think This Would End Well?' file, we have the story of the guy who disrupted traffic on I-35 W in the Twin Cities yesterday afternoon. That's a busy stretch of highway, of course, so when you start interfering with things there, it's going to get noticed.

Well, it did. According to a KARE-11 story, the State Patrol was called, and initially got him to leave. But, wouldn't you know, about 45 minutes later, the same guy showed up again.

Only this time, things got a little out of hand. The story says, this time around, the guy got busy exposing himself. The same Trooper responded and attempted to arrest the man, who the story says, was 34 years old and is from Illinois.

Apparently not wanting to be arrested, the guy then started fighting with the trooper-- always a good idea!-- and reinforcements were called in to help. They finally got things under control, and took the guy to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis for an evaluation.

The photo, from one of MnDOT's traffic cams, shows what appears to be 7 different police and emergency vehicles on the scene. Yikes. All for a guy who couldn't keep it in his pants!

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