Can decorating your motorcycle with a personal picture you took get you in trouble with the law in Minnesota?

As it turns out, yes it can-- if that picture is one of your ex-girlfriend not wearing a shirt, and if you went and put it on your motorcycle without her approval. And, according to this CBS Minnesota story, that's exactly what Timothy Brandt of Minnesota Lake did.

Brandt is facing two felony charges of "non-consensual dissemination of private sexual images" for putting the topless picture of his ex on the gas tank of his motorcycle without her consent. The story says Brandt is also facing charges for violating an order for protection, according to the Faribault County Attorney’s Office.

Brandt apparently took the risque pic of his ex when they were in a relationship. His ex, of course, never meant for the picture to be made public. Which, of course, is what he did when he put it on his motorcycle -- and then shared that picture on Facebook.

The story mentioned that Brandt captioned the picture of his motorcycle (with the naughty picture on it), “Beautiful day to show off the old lady, lol.”

Nice. So, yeah, you can't do that. Unless you want a couple of felony charges, that is. Here's more on the story...

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