Back To School Reality Check-In For Minnesota Moms

Ok, mommas, how are we doing right now?  Seriously.  Those who are sending your babies off to Kindergarten or Preschool for the first time to those with adult kids starting college...I've been in ALL of your shoes.

I also know that some of you are going to follow the bus that first day and, I am giving you permission to jump in your car and follow it all the way to school.  I just dropped off one of my babies at a college 9 hours away from Minnesota.  Yes, 9 hours.  At some point, you won't be able to follow your baby so do it while you can.

One huge task that every parent will be doing is those famous back-to-school photos and I've got an awesome way below to make those extra cute this year!

Smiling blonde little girl ready for school
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Skip The Mom Guilt With These Free First-Day-Of-School Printables

Before you send your kids off to school on their first day of school, I know you are going to take a few photos of them with their new outfits on and holding those backpacks.  I know this is a thing because Facebook is literally going to be bombarded with those pics once again.  Have your photos stand out from the rest and grab one of these free printables that are super cute!

Boy with his mother at road to school.
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Show Me Your "first-day-of-school" Photos!

If you use one of these signs or have a different one you use, I'd love to see it!  E-mail me at or tag Y105FM in your photos online!

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