Minnesota Nice Dog Company has created an unique animal themed t-shirts to the area for a good cause as a portion of the proceeds will go to a local animal support group.

The company will release new designs every week for shirts. From "Duluth Dogs Dig Park Point" to "Lincoln Bark District" and even "Land of 10,000 Tails", these shirts are sure to bring a smile to your face. Not only is the company creating ideas from local landmarks and sayings you'll commonly hear throughout the city, but it's all for a good cause.

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According to their website, the goal is:

Minnesota Nice Dog Co.'s mission is to give back to the local Duluth community that supports animals and bring happy pet themed t-shirts to the midwest.  A NICE design will be designated for a local animal supporter or group then a portion of the proceeds will be donate to that group.

With each design they also give a description to the local animal support groups. For example, this weeks t-shirts are for Duluth Animal Allies with the design "Lake Superior - Largest Fresh Water Dog Bowl" and Missing Pets Of The Northland with the design "Minnesota Land of 10,000 Tails". Another shirt will be announced on February 2nd.

You can check out all their designs and pics on their Instagram and check out their website here. What a great way to put a smile on dog lover's faces in the Northland and a great way to give back to the community.


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