We're fairly easy-going here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, right? 'Minnesota Nice' is a real thing-- but it doesn't have any place at this busy Rochester intersection.

While this phenomenon could likely take place at several Rochester intersections, I'm specifically talking the intersection of 9th Street Northwest and West Circle Drive-- adjacent to the Kwik Trip, just off Highway-14.

That intersection is about a mile from our house, so I end up there often. And, if you're trying to make a left-hand turn from 9th Street onto eastbound West Circle Drive, You. Cannot. Be. Minnesota. Nice!

There are no traffic lights at this intersection, so if you see even the slightest chance to make your turn, you have to take it! And because traffic on West Circle Drive can be pretty heavy in the afternoon, if you're at all a nervous driver and are even the littlest bit trepidatious, you'll end up sitting there all day.

Which is what happened to me earlier this week. There were three separate occasions when the van in front of me COULD have safely completed their left-hand turn, but they chose not to-- apparently waiting for that mythical time when traffic would be completely clear in either direction.

Well, let me tell you, during the afternoon drivetime, that ain't happening. So we all sat there as traffic backed up more and more, all waiting for Mr. Van to make his left-hand turn.

I get that Minnesotan drivers are, as a rule, much more polite than drivers are in the east coast (or, heck, even in the Twin Cities,), but come one, man-- when you're first in line at an intersection, you've gotta take even the smallest chance to make your turn. Step on it, will ya?!?

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