I was told about "Minnesota Nice" before I moved here three months ago, but I didn't believe it until I lived through it. The people up here will bend over backward to make you feel welcomed and that showed in the latest rankings.

WCCO 4 did a story about a recent survey done by a traveling website called BIG 7. The traveling site ranked all 50 states by how friendly they were. The findings were based on first impressions of transportation locations such as airports and train stations as well as a few other criteria.

So... how did Minnesota do? Well, we took the bull by the horns and won this survey. YES!!! WE ARE THE BEST AT BEING FRIENDLY! It gives us another thing to brag about. If bragging about being cold, hot dishes and lots of snow weren't enough, we just added another item to that list!

Following us in second was Tennessee, which I don't know from experience, but have heard that everyone is nice there as well. Rounding out the top five was South Carolina, Texas, and Wyoming.

How did our bordering states do?

  • South Dakota came in 20th
  • North Dakota came in 25th
  • Wisconson came in 26th
  • Iowa came in 29th

The least friendly states were:

  • New Jersey coming in 46th
  • Massachusetts coming in 47th
  • Delaware coming in 48th
  • Arkansas coming in 49th
  • New York coming in 50th

From the perspective of an outsider moving to Minnesota, I'd say that this survey is 100% accurate. Let's keep doing what we do best and we'll find us on this list again next year.

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