We're used to being ranked highly when it comes to quality of life, so the fact that Minnesota placed near the top in this new survey about schools isn't exactly surprising, is it?

Actually, though, I was a little surprised to see that Minnesota 'only' placed sixth in the country when it comes to our schools. That's where we rank in this latest survey from the gang over at Wallet Hub, titled 'States With the Best and Worst School Systems.'

Their survey compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 29 key measures of quality and safety, Wallet Hub said. The survey looked at things like pupil-teacher ratio to dropout rate to median standardized-test scores.

And, overall, Minnesota came in at a solid #6. That's not too bad, I guess-- only Vermont, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts placed ahead of us-- but, come on, New Jersey school systems are ranked higher than Minnesota's?!?

In addition to our overall sixth ranking, Wallet Hub noted that Minnesota was number-one in 'Median SAT Score' category, and we were ranked second in 'Math Test Scores.'  So there's that.

And, we're still better than my home state of Wisconsin, where their school systems came in ranked at #11. Iowa's school systems, meanwhile, we ranked a little lower than that, coming in at #14 in the survey-- both still pretty good scores.

The lowest score-- and home of the worst school systems in the country-- goes to New Mexico, with Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi and West Virginia rounding the bottom five. You can read the entire Wallet Hub school survey HERE.

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