An Inver Grove Heights, MN woman thought she was doing the smart thing by putting her old pears out on her deck for the squirrels. But it turns out the pears we so old that they had fermented and got one of her neighborhood squirrels drunk.

Katy Morlok shared the video on her YouTube channel. She also spoke to FOX9 about the drunk squirrel. She said that she had been feeding the squirrels throughout the pandemic since she's now working from home and it gave "her something to watch out the window".

When Katy found the old pears in her fridge she first Googled if they were ok for squirrels. When she found out they were she put one out to see if the squirrels would like it. Well, soon enough one of her "regulars" came around a took the pear, so she put the rest of them out.

A little bit later that day, the squirrel came back and Katy noticed he was acting really weird. Then it hit her that the pears must be so old that they had fermented and gotten the squirrel drunk! When she was talking to FOX9 she said, "'I did not mean to do that so I went out and I grabbed all the pears.'” She said she was worried all night about him but the next morning when he showed up on her deck he seemed to have slept it off.

The poor little guy was probably so confused! And possibly super drunk if he had eaten that whole pear himself. I'm glad he's ok but it also made for a hilarious video, check it out.

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