We are the land of ten thousand lakes which means many of us will find ways to spend time on the water this summer. Well many years ago water activities involved steamboats. WCCO claims that Steamboat Minnehaha won't be sailing this summer.

Steamboat Minnehaha calls Lake Minnetonka home. Lake Minnetonka is just outside the Twin Cities, so many folks have access to it. The articles say Minnehaha's 25th season is being canceled due to lake access issues. Because the boat is so specialized, it requires a special ramp to launch it into the lake. The area where the ramp they normally use is being sold, so the Museum of Lake Minnetonka doesn't have the proper tools to get the boat into the lake. They say that they will take this season to do some maintenance on the boat so that it is ready to go when they have a solution to the problem.

The Museum of Lake Minnetonka owns Steamboat Minnehaha and the boat has quite the history. Their website says that steamboats were originally used on lake Minnetonka to help folks travel to and from work in the Twin Cities. There was a wreck that happened, which sent Minnehaha to the bottom of the lake. In 1980 a team worked to get the boat out of the water. The Minnesota Transportation Museum eventually got the boat and started restoring it to its original shape in 1990. Restorations were completed in 1996 and the boat has been sailing since.

The way it sounds, this isn't the end for Steamboat Minnehaha on Lake Minnetonka. Hopefully the summer of 2021 we will be able to enjoy this Minnesota attraction again.

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