It hasn't been changed in nearly 20 years, but the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves have announced that they're updating the team's logo and colors later this spring.

Chicago Bulls v Minnesota Timberwolves
NBAE/Getty Images

Now, I'm a uniform geek, I know, but I still think it's kind of cool when teams debut new logos or alternative uniforms. And according to THIS GoMN story, the Wolves are set to unveil a new logo that incorporates the outline of the state of Minnesota along with some tweaks to their team colors.

The Wolves unveiled the new logo in a letter to season ticket holders, which was sent out earlier this week, but didn't list a firm date the new logo will be officially in use. The letter noted it's the first major change to the team's logo and colors in 20 years.

Do you remember the very first Timberwolves team logo? (Click HERE to see it) It was only used during the team's first few seasons in the NBA, beginning with the 1989-1990 inaugural campaign. The wolf in that now-classic logo always reminded me of my parents' Siberian Husky, Dusty, who was a very friendly, happy-go-lucky dog.

And while it was cute, I guess it wasn't a very menacing logo, come to think of it. You can check out the Timberwolves' new logo and colors HERE.

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